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Jazzed Up is a Boutique Dog Day Train with space for 5-8 dogs weekdays giving the dogs lots of one-on-one time. Morning drop-off is between 7:30-10am.

Each dog will receive training sessions, hikes around the property and socialization play time throughout the day included in their Daycare & Train.

Pick up between 4-6pm.

Cost is $65/day +GST.

The Sport of Agility

Since it's debut in 1978 Dog Agility has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world! Loosely based on equestrian jumping events the team of dog & handler navigate their way through a course of obstacles the judge designs. Courses are unique for every event and class. Agility competitions are hosted all over the World and in most local communities. Dog agility in Kelowna has become very popular over the last decade.

Many recreational agility competitors start with the goal to bond and spend more time with their pet.

The sport allows for all ages to enjoy the sport from young Juniors to people well into their 80s and beyond!
Agility is great exercise for both the dog and the handler, and is a fun, healthy way to connect and play with your dog.

Agility creates a strong bond between handler and dog and has an added benefit as it is a great form of mental stimulation for the dog.

Though some breeds are naturally better suited for agility, all dogs can participate from the smallest poodle to the largest Great Dane.



The focus of this class is relationship building, setting foundations for life and future sports. It consists of groundwork where puppies will learn to follow your movements and learn body awareness. It covers skills such as recalls, engagement, toy play, crate games, shaping and general puppy manners and skills needed for life and agility. We start puppies any time 10 weeks or older in Puppy pre-agility.


No experience is required.

This fun class will give you an introduction into the sport of agility. This positive, supportive environment will give you a chance to work with your dog using only positive reinforcement you will learn jump and tunnel behaviours. You will learn to motivate your do, build confidence and strengthen your bond.


This class is for dogs just starting out with little to no agility experience basic training down, sit stay are an asset. We will be working on obstacles and small sequences. This class is great for dogs of all sizes and breeds that want to explore the world of agility. The class is a great way to build a stronger bond and an outlet to channel the energy of active dogs and build confidence in dogs that are shy. Dogs must be at least 10 months old.


This class is geared towards puppies looking to compete in agility and other dog sports. Focus will be on shaping behaviours, building toy and food drive. Building body awareness and confidence. Working on dog's understanding of verbal skills, proofing distractions and commitment will also be a focus of this class.
Class will strengthen the bond between you and your puppy and give your puppy a positive outlet for it's energy.


Once your team has completed the Foundations Class and has a good understanding you will be ready to move up to Intermediate & Advanced classes. Classes will focus on Handling and putting short sequences together working on timing and precision while adding in more obstacles. Continue building the dog and handler relationship.


Going beyond agility foundations this class will focus on backsides, threadles, tight turns, obstacle discrimination as well as front cross, blind cross and other more advanced agility behaviours. It will continue to build and proof the skills. leading to more obstacle commitment,

Must have completed agility foundations.



Meghan Turton

Meghan showed a keen interest in dog training at a very young age; she joined the local agility Club in Kelowna at 10 years old. She had an opportunity of attending a seminar a year later with Justine Davenport, this seminar and meeting Justine sparked a deep passion for learning more in the world of agility and dog training for Meghan. The past 10 years Meghan has travelled to Edmonton several times a year to train at Shape Up Dog with Justine Davenport and Jessica Patterson. She has gained a strong understanding and has become proficient in Justine and Jessica’s training system. In addition to working in numerous Justine and Jessica seminars, camps and on-line classes, Meghan has also worked with several of the world’s best agility trainers and competitors.   Meghan has had the pleasure of representing Canada in 10 World events, including 4 FCI Agility World Championships.  She and her Sheltie Jazz qualified for their first World event when Meghan was 14 years old. Meghan has been the top Canadian Junior handler for a number of consecutive years, as well as winning several Canadian events. Meghan taught for the local agility club for 5 years. When she was 18, she left the club to start her own agility training business. She developed a large clientele focusing on beginner foundations and puppy pre-agility. She had several private clients working at a master and international level as well.  She jumped at the opportunity to teach for Shape Up Dogs, she and her 4 Border Collies were excited to be in Edmonton to teach and train with Justine & Jessica.  Meghan has just returned after instructing at Shape Up Dogs in Edmonton for 5 months. She is waiting for the completion of her new building so she can start regular classes again in Kelowna. Meghan looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with her students.


Jazzed Up Agility offers Dog Agility training in Kelowna for the competitive agility enthusiasts as well as the recreational person wanting to play and spend time with their canine partner.  Meghan is passionate about agility and strives to pass on her passion and knowledge to every dog & handler team.

Jazzed Up offers small group classes, workshops, seminars and private lessons.

Meghan, owner/trainer of Jazzed Up is current in her training and has worked with many of the worlds very best agility trainers.  She has competed in several World Agility Championships representing Canada.

Jazzed Up offers beginner agility classes which focus on the foundations needed to build a partnership with the dog and handler team. We also offer private lessons upon request.  New classes start several times through out the year often several a month. Agility is a great sport for all breeds of dog.

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