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Important Information & What to Bring

Why do I need a crate for my dog in class?

A crate is important for the dog between exercises it gives them a mental break when it’s not their turn. Crates act as a barrier between the dogs making it safer and there are less distracts for the dog who’s turn it is to be out working. It’s also a good life skill for the dog it’s their safe quiet place. If your dog is not used to a crate Meghan can help you work toward getting them comfortable in their crate.

At what age can my puppy start agility training?

Puppies must have had at least their first two sets of puppy shots (check with your own veterinarian for further information), likely around 10-12 weeks old. this is a great time to start agility training as puppies are little sponges; and wanting to please their person. Young puppies training should be fun, fast moving, exciting and short in duration. They learn so quickly and need frequent, short and fun training session with play breaks between.

What do I need to bring to class each week?

You will need to bring lots of treats each week for training. A variety is the best, so they don't become bored with them.**Food - Tasty treats with high value (example meat/cheese) are important you will also want to bring some lower value treats as well (example kibble). Choose treats that will excite your dog and make him want to work for them, small soft pieces are best. To create food drive feed a smaller or no meal prior to class. Choose treats that are easy to swallow.**Toy/Tug -Toy play and tug toys are a great training aid to use as a reward some dogs prefer toy reward over food.**Leash and flat collar.**Crate - A crate will allow you to leave your dog and engage in learning and moving equipment for others.

Intro to Agility

Agility Foundations

Advanced Classes

Puppy Classes

Sport Puppy Foundations

Skills and Proofing


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Group Agility Classes


Set of 6 Week Classes

One 1 hour class a week for 6 weeks.



3 hour workshop

6 dogs max.

Private Lessons


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Meghan Turton


Meghan Turton


Meghan showed a keen interest in dog training at a very young age; she joined the local agility Club in Kelowna at 10 years old. She had an opportunity of attending a seminar a year later with Justine Davenport, this seminar and meeting Justine sparked a deep passion for learning more in the world of agility and dog training for Meghan. The past 10 years Meghan has travelled to Edmonton several times a year to train at Shape Up Dogs with Justine Davenport and Jessica Patterson. She has gained a strong understanding and has become proficient in Justine and Jessica’s training system. In addition to working in numerous Justine and Jessica seminars, camps and on-line classes, Meghan has also worked with several of the world’s best agility trainers and competitors.   Meghan has had the pleasure of representing Canada at 10 World events, including 4 FCI Agility World Championships.  She and her Sheltie Jazz qualified for their first World event when Meghan was 14 years old. Meghan has been the top Canadian Junior handler for a number of consecutive years, as well as winning several Canadian events. Meghan taught for the local agility club for 5 years. When she was 18, she left the club to start her own agility training business. She developed a large clientele focusing on beginner foundations and puppy pre-agility. She had several private clients working at a master and international level as well.  She jumped at the opportunity to teach for Shape Up Dogs, she and her 4 Border Collies were excited to be in Edmonton to teach and train with Justine & Jessica.  Meghan has just returned after instructing at Shape Up Dogs in Edmonton for 5 months. She is waiting for the completion of her new building so she can start regular classes again in Kelowna. Meghan looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with her students.

Jazzed Up Dog Training

Facility located at 3980 Todd Rd Kelowna, B.C.

V1W 4B3

Jazzed Up Agility offers Dog Agility training in Kelowna for the competitive agility enthusiasts as well as the recreational person wanting to play and spend time with their canine partner.  Meghan is passionate about agility and strives to pass on her passion and knowledge to every dog & handler team. Jazzed Up offers small group classes, workshops, seminars and private lessons.

Meghan, owner/trainer of Jazzed Up is current in her training and has worked with many of the worlds very best agility trainers.  She has competed in several World Agility Championships representing Canada.

Jazzed Up offers beginner agility classes which focus on the foundations needed to build a partnership with the dog and handler team. We also offer private lessons upon request.  New classes start several times through out the year often several a month. Agility is a great sport for all breeds of dog.

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